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  • Tailored tutorials Responsive management Capable/dependable tutors.

    Kate M.
  • A tutor is found that suits your student and their needs. They work with the student and not with school curriculums.

    Marife F.
  • Prompt, well organised, committed to finding the right tutor.

    Juliette B.
  • Very prompt response to my initial enquiry. Excellent initial assessment to match the tutor to our child. Not pushy about what could be offered.

    Natasha M.
  • Very flexible, tutors are polite and knowledgeable.

    Libby C.
  • Professional, personal & very quick to respond & act.

    Karen R.
  • The fantastic communication skills of Hugh, how he came to meet us, discussed our sons needs and found terrific tutors to best meet those needs.

    Sue W.
  • Tutors are well suited to my child's needs they are very good, pleasant and polite. It's great to have one point of contact with Hugh and he is very efficient and helpful.

    Irene B.
  • Tutors are great, they come to our house at a time that works for us. They have really inspired our children to improve their performance and their work with our children has resulted in them achieving much improved results. Fantastic. Highly recommended and have done to many friends!

    Kelly C.
  • The personal service both in the lead up to signing up with Tutor Doctors and being advised the tutors. Also after the first tutorial, Hugh followed up to get my feedback on how the tutorial went. The tutorial summaries post the tutorial.

    Mandy H.
  • The tutor is very personalised to meet the needs of the student. The feedback sent after each session is also very useful.

    Nancy V.
  • * Tailored to individual student * Tutors are outstanding * Fast response time to questions or issues raised * A company that genuinely cares about the educational welfare of the student.

    Megan T.
  • The tutor tailors the class to the individual child's needs, focusing on strengths and working on weaknesses.

  • We love the personal assessment of the children at the beginning, so that a tutor could be found who would relate well with the children. We love our chosen tutor and the children respond really well to her.

  • Hugh took the time to understand our daughter's requirements and match with her with a suitable tutor. Our tutor is professional and reliable and has a terrific rapport with our child.

  • The initial meeting was reassuring ...the tutor was chosen with regards to our child's personality / nature and his lack of confidence with subject. So far tutor has been very good... engaging and clear with explanations. We are very pleased so far.

  • Great matching between the student & tutor, weekly feedback reports.

  • Individual tailoring for our child needs. Easy and transparent payment system. Weekly reports of progress.

  • Hugh found a tutor to suit our needs who communicates well and pitches content appropriately. They are always quick to respond to queries and requests, trustworthy, flexible. We are confident with the service we are getting.

  • So far tutor doctor has been very good. It is very responsive & communication between the tutor, tutor doctor, student & parents has been excellent. My daughter has gained a lot of confidence with maths already.